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  • Rooibos is an Asset for the Physically Active
  • Rooibos helps to Prevent Cancer
  • Rooibos boosts your Immune System
  • Rooibos helps to slow the Ageing Process
  • Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
  • Rooibos may control Diabetes
  • Rooibos helps fighting Allergies
  • Soothes Stomach Cramps and Colic
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Assists in Balancing Hormones
  • Soothes Skin Irritations and Acne
  • Pumping Iron Rooibos has a low tannin content (only 1-4%), which means that it doesn’t inhibit the absorption of iron (something that black tea does).
  • Protecting the Liver
  • Assists in Relief of Heartburn – antispasmodic properties.
  • Helps for Insomnia
  • 100% Good

1. Poor soil conditions as a result of over farming. This leads to a lack of minerals and nutrients in soil

2. Pesticides and herbicides

3. Genetically modified foods

4. Antibiotics, hormones and growth promoting additives in livestock

5. The deterioration of tap water, lacking in minerals and with added harmful chemicals

6. Food processing methods – additives, flavor enhancers, preservatives, freezing, drying, etc.

7. The length between foods and eating it destroys nutrients

1. Disease prevention and a prolonged life

2. Stress management

3. Improved mood, energy and vitality

4. Medical care is expensive. Save money on hospital bills, chronic medication and other medical care – especially as you get older

5. Our ‘modern’ lifestyles are causing major health problems

1. Easy to use

2. Affordable

3. Produced in a facility that is approved by the MCC using Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP

4. Green Rooibos extract provides antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-carcinogenic properties and enzymes enhance absorption

5. Complex formulas provide the optimum balance between science and nature

6. Most capsules are encapsulated in high quality soft gel gelatin, making it easy to use and ingest. Ingredients are absorbed quicker and easier than in tablets, making these available to the body faster

7. Less stomach distress as a result of the soft gel encapsulation

8. Capsules are distinguishable from other supplements

9. Halaal certified

10.Optimum health and wellbeing

1. Blood pressure problems (high or low)

2. Bone density problems

3. High cholesterol

4. Cancer

5. Eczema

6. Allergies

7. Acne

8. Hyperactivity

9. Rheumatic illnesses like gout and arthritis

10. Gall and kidney stones

11. Insomnia

12. Hormonal imbalances

1. Food poisoning

2. Food allergies

3. Lactose intolerance – it helps to break down lactose from milk

4. Infections like sore throat, candida and bladder infections

5. Prolonged times of stress

6. After surgery

7. A course of antibiotics

8. Constipation or any bowel problem like:

9. IBS

10. Bloating

11. Belching

12. Indigestion

13. Diarrhea

14. Cramps

15. Thrush

1. Refined carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods

2. Smoking and excessive drinking

3. Lack of sleep and exercise

4. Exposure to chemicals, pollution, pesticides, insecticides

5. Overuse of antibiotics and pain killers

1. It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols

2. Helps to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that can lead to heart disease

3. Anti-allergenic

4. Anti-spasmodic

5. Has anti-ageing benefits

6. Helps to fight cancer

7. Contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

8. Helps to alleviate stress

9. Helps to balance blood sugar levels – it is likely to prevent and alleviate diabetes

10. Contains enzymes to improve nutrient absorption

1. Modern eating habits and modern lifestyle of smoking and drinking

2. Increased use of pharmaceuticals (pain killers, medication, antibiotics, etc.)

3. Rising stress levels

4. Environmental hazards like pollution, chemicals

5. Rapid deterioration of the foods we eat

1. Improves neurotransmitter balance and reception

2. Helps to relieve hyperactivity

3. Boosts memory and mood

4. Relieves depression

5. Improves sleep

1. Toxic overload

2. Heavy metal toxicity

3. Cancer (especially chemo patients – take 2 hours before or after treatments)

4. Migraine and head aches

5. Depression

6. Arthritis

7. Allergies

8. Weight loss

9. Alcohol overindulgence (take 4)

10. Heart burn

11. IBS

12. Diarrhea (take 4)

1. Packed with potent antioxidants

2. Fight infections, boosting your immune system

3. Helps to protect against heart disease and cancer

4. It is essential to build collagen – the glue that keeps cells together, for strong and healthy bones, joints, tendons, arteries and skin.

5. Natural detox aid

1. Take OptiMega – omega 3 oils can reduce the risk of heart disease by helping to thin the blood together with vitamin E

2. Take OptiC – vitamin C is vital in the production of collagen, the glue between cells that keeps skin, tissue and arteries supple. Hardened arteries can lead to high blood pressure

3. Balance the body’s pH, by taking ToniQ+

1. Exercise/sport

2. Coffee

3. Alcohol

4. Pollution and smoking

5. Stress

1. Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating, belching, indigestion, diarrhea, cramps

2. Food allergies or intolerances

3. Skin conditions like acne or eczema

4. Immune system deficiencies

5. Undesirable changes in bowel movements

6. Thrush causing candida and other fungal infections

7. Taking antibiotics, contraceptive pills and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

1. Sugar and refined carbohydrates

2. Caffeine in coffee, tea and fizzy drinks

3. Alcohol

4. Heavy metal toxicity

5. Smoking

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